Saturday, 3 March 2012

Samsung recently launched is WiFi enabled WB150F camera

Samsung recently launched is WiFi enabled WB150F camera
Samsung WiFi WB150F camera

Samsung Philippines announced the launch of the Wi-Fi enabled long zoom camera, the WB150F, which was just announced last January at CES 2012. The Samsung WB150F enhances the advanced optical zoom and image quality that the WB range is known for, with Wi-Fi capability to facilitate sharing and saving of images – wherever you are in the world. Housed in a compact, light and durable body, the new zoom camera from Samsung makes the perfect travel companion.Featuring the Smart Wi-Fi technology, users won't have to look for confusing cables just to transfer their photos. Imagine taking a photo at a local Starbucks shop and uploading it easily to your Facebook and account without even having to open your computer!

This camera also have 18x optical super zoom that will make capturing small objects super easy, without sacrificing the very good details that usually happens on cameras which uses digital zoom. Plus, the WB150F is equipped with a 14.2 Megapixels resolution that in turn, you may view on it's 3-inch LCD display.

“Sharing photographs taken with friends and family is one of the most enjoyable aspects of travelling. It’s about more than simply capturing memories – it’s an integral part of the experience itself. Listening to our customers, we understood that being able to conserve memory by sharing images instantly was what was missing from the high-quality cameras that they trust. With this in mind, we added ground-breaking Wi-Fi functions to our travel zoom camera, building on the brilliant image quality that high-quality sensors and zoom lenses provide - now with the ability to store and share like never before.”, Mr. Ariel T. Arias, Business Unit Head of the Audio-Visual Group said.

Shoot Unforgettable Moments in HD
The WB150F is also capable of shooting 720p HD video in 30 frames per second. You can always capture the great moments happening and share them with other people, for example, on YouTube.

Make Everyone Else Freeze While You Dance
This is possible with the help of Samsung's Motion Photo. With Motion Photo, you can make one element of your photograph move while leaving the rest still. Sounds like you're in a Hollywood movie? Yes?
Create a Triplets of Yourself
The Samsung WB150F also features Split Shot. The Split Shot simply slits the viewfinder into 3 shots, which you can then combine later. Imagine taking a photo of yourself or anyone 3 times, the result? An instant triplets.

Don't Leave Others in the Photo
With the Live Panorama feature, you can take wide panoramic photos, be it your large group of friends or an amazing landscape view. Simply hold down the shutter button and sweep the camera sideways, you may then view the result in it's 3-inch screen.

Take Advantage of Your Skills
Take it to the next level! The WB150F allows you to experiment with the settings with the Full Manual Control, also taking advantage of the OIS (whatever that means, just kidding).
That's a lot of features, right? But hey, you don't need to shell out a huge pile of money to get the Samsung WB150F. This only costs P11,990! How amazing!


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